Club OpenRoad General Terms

  1. Program – OpenRoad Auto Group (“OpenRoad”) operates Club OpenRoad as a free rewards program that allows customers to earn points by making qualified purchases of services. Points can be redeemed towards products and services at all participating OpenRoad retail locations.
  2. Process – OpenRoad customer must make an eligible purchase at a participating OpenRoad location and activate a valid Club OpenRoad membership account to redeem points.
  3. Right to Change – OpenRoad may change the Club OpenRoad program rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, points levels for awards, or any other component, in whole or in part, at any time without notice at its sole discretion, even though changes may affect the value of the points already accumulated. OpenRoad may withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any award redemption, or increase the point rate at any time. OpenRoad has the final and sole right to determine whether a product or service qualifies for Club OpenRoad award redemption.
  4. Right to Terminate – OpenRoad has the right to terminate the Club OpenRoad program at any time.

Earning Points

  1. Purchase Requirement – Members earn Club OpenRoad points by purchasing qualified products and services at participating OpenRoad retail locations. Club OpenRoad points are earned through the servicing of a vehicle at any participating OpenRoad retail location.
  2. Points Value – Fifteen (15) points are earned for every dollar spent before taxes on customer-paid service transactions at participating OpenRoad retail locations. OpenRoad has the sole right to determine points awarded.
  3. Earning Restrictions – Club OpenRoad points cannot be earned on:
    1. Vehicle purchases
    2. Warranty, finance or insurance product purchases
    3. Service repairs completed under warranty
    4. Auto body shop transactions
    5. Taxes, fees, and surcharges
  4. Points Expiry – Club OpenRoad points expire seven (7) years from the date awarded. Consistent with the general terms and conditions of the Club OpenRoad program, OpenRoad reserves the right to change the Club OpenRoad program at any time without notice, including imposition of expiration limits. If no point amount from any source is posted to a Club OpenRoad member’s account for three consecutive years, the account is subject to termination, including forfeiture of all accrued points.
  5. Bonus Promotions – OpenRoad reserves the right to make Club OpenRoad Bonus Points and promotional offers available to members based on activity, geographic location, program participation, or information supplied by the member.
  6. Points Guideline – All point amounts and subsequent award redemptions must be earned and used according to the terms and guidelines of Club OpenRoad. OpenRoad has the final say as to whether an activity qualifies for Club OpenRoad award redemption.
  7. Right to Cease Contact – OpenRoad reserves the right to cease mailing or emailing materials to any Club OpenRoad member who has not accumulated points for a sixty-day (60-day) period.
  8. Abuse of Program – Abuse of the Club OpenRoad program, including but not limited to, failure to follow program policies and procedures, the sale or barter of award redemptions, and any misrepresentation of fact relating thereto or other improper conduct, as determined by OpenRoad in its sole judgment, may result in cancellation of the member’s account and future disqualification from program participation, and forfeiture of all points accrued.
  9. Right to Interpret – OpenRoad reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures communicated in print form and online. All determinations by OpenRoad shall be final and conclusive in each case. These Club OpenRoad terms and conditions supersede any and all previous versions.
  10. Points Timing – Eligible points are credited to valid Club OpenRoad member accounts within six to eight weeks of the date awarded.
  11. Data for Communication – From time to time, the data that Club OpenRoad members furnish to OpenRoad may be used to bring members relevant and valuable offers from Club OpenRoad partners. Such offers may include notices of member discounts, exclusive program benefits, admission to events, Club OpenRoad news, and other similar items. Member questions may be directed to the Club OpenRoad Service Centre at 1-800-859-9820, including changes to contact preferences or opt-in choices.
  12. Points Transferability – Club OpenRoad points are transferrable only to immediate family members or persons residing in the same household. A member transferring points must attend in person at the time of redemption, and must provide written authorization to use an eligible and valid Club OpenRoad member number and PIN (personal identification number). Proof of immediate family membership or same household status is required at the time of redemption, to the satisfaction of OpenRoad at its sole discretion. Once points have been transferred, they are no longer available to the previous member. Transferred points expire one (1) year from the date of transfer.

Redeeming Points

  1. Issuer – All reward redemptions are issued through Club OpenRoad on behalf of OpenRoad Auto Group.
  2. Participating Locations – Reward redemptions are valid at participating OpenRoad retail locations only.
  3. Points Purchase Value – Each Club OpenRoad point is worth $.01 toward future purchases at all participating OpenRoad retail locations. Qualifying purchases are:
    1. New or used vehicle purchases
    2. Customer-paid service transactions valued between $150.00 and $500.00
  4. Vehicle Purchase Redemptions – A maximum of $1,500.00 (150,000 points) may be redeemed at any one time toward the purchase of a new or used vehicle through Club OpenRoad. Example: redeem 150,000 points to receive $1,500.00 cash savings on a vehicle purchase at participating OpenRoad retail locations.
  5. Service Redemptions – Club OpenRoad points may be redeemed up to fifteen percent (15%) of your individual customer-paid service repair order to a maximum of $500.00 per individual invoice, whichever amount is less. A minimum service repair order of $150.00 is required for redemption eligibility. Example: redeem 7,500 points to receive $75.00 cash savings on a $500.00 customer-paid service bill. After points redemption, pay the $425.00 cash balance plus applicable taxes at participating OpenRoad service centres.
  6. Redemption Restrictions – Club OpenRoad points cannot be redeemed on:
    1. Lease buyouts
    2. Service repairs completed under warranty
    3. Auto body shop transactions
    4. Rental vehicle services
    5. Tire purchases and tire mount and balance services
    6. Over-the-counter customer parts purchases
    7. Taxes, fees, and surcharges
  7. Right to Determine Award – OpenRoad reserves the right to determine points awarded. All point amounts and redemptions must be earned and used according to program terms and conditions. OpenRoad decisions are final to determine if an activity qualifies for earning and/or redeeming Club OpenRoad points and credits.
  8. Redemption Advance Disclosure Requirement – Members must disclose their intent to redeem Club OpenRoad points before product or service pricing to be eligible for redemption. Failure to disclose such intent will forfeit the right to qualify for points redemption at the time of purchase. Eligibility decisions are made by OpenRoad in its sole judgment.
  9. Combination Restriction – Club OpenRoad points cannot be combined or redeemed in conjunction with any other discounts, including but not limited to, vehicle manufacturer rewards and offers, the OpenRoad Staff Associate Vehicle Purchase Program, or any other incentive or discount programs. OpenRoad decisions are final to determine redemption eligibility.
  10. Valid Membership Requirement – In order to redeem, a member must provide a valid Club OpenRoad member number, PIN (personal identification number) and valid photo identification at time of purchase.
  11. No Cash Value – Club OpenRoad points have no cash value and will not be returned.
  12. Points Sale or Exchange Prohibited – The sale, purchase, brokerage, resale, barter or exchange of Club OpenRoad points for compensation is expressly prohibited. Any violation of these rules will result in confiscation, closure of the Club OpenRoad account, and forfeiture of points accrued at any time. OpenRoad determines members’ Club OpenRoad account eligibility at its sole discretion, and all decisions made by OpenRoad are final.
  13. Taxes and Fees – Members are responsible for paying all applicable taxes, fees and surcharges for products and services at the time of purchase.


  1. Program Eligibility – The Club OpenRoad Member Program is open to any individual with a valid email address in any country, province or state that has not prohibited participation in points programs, where OpenRoad operates retail locations.
  2. Corporate Restriction – Corporations or other legal entities cannot be enrolled as Club OpenRoad members.
  3. Single-Person Enrollment – Only one (1) person may be enrolled per Club OpenRoad account. An individual may have only one (1) account, and such account must be registered in the member’s legal name, as matched with valid photo identification. Membership will be listed under the participant’s full name and middle initial, including title (Mr., Ms., etc.).
  4. Membership Transferability – Membership is non-transferable. Each Club OpenRoad member receives a unique membership and account number.
  5. Membership Activation Requirement – Club OpenRoad points will not regularly be awarded for failure to activate a Club OpenRoad Membership.
  6. Retroactive Membership Activation – An OpenRoad customer who has not activated a Club OpenRoad membership may, at the time of purchase and upon request, be awarded Club OpenRoad points based on service history to a maximum of twelve (12) months prior to such time of purchase. Retroactive eligibility and qualifying points are determined at the sole discretion of OpenRoad.
  7. Non-Activation of Membership – If an OpenRoad customer does not activate a Club OpenRoad membership, the points balance will be erased from the member account twelve (12) months from the date awarded.


  1. Notice of Change Right – OpenRoad reserves the right to change Club OpenRoad terms and conditions, rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, or levels for points awards, in whole or in part, at any time without notice to members.
  2. Notice of Termination Right – OpenRoad reserves the right to terminate the Club OpenRoad program at its sole discretion at any time without notice to members. In the event of program termination, the ability for members to earn points will immediately cease.
  3. Termination Points Redemption – Club OpenRoad members that have an accumulated balance of points will be notified of program termination via email at the address associated with the member’s account. Members will have ninety (90) days from the date of the email to redeem any accumulated points in accordance with Club OpenRoad terms and conditions, after which all unredeemed points will be forfeited.


This privacy policy explains how Club OpenRoad1 collects, uses, and discloses personal information about its customers and other individuals, and provides other information regarding our policies and practices regarding collection, use, storage, and disclosure and personal information.

What personal information does Club OpenRoad collect?

The types of personal information we collect will depend on the type of product or service purchased by you. Generally, we keep a record of one or more of the following types of information: information that identifies you, such as your name, address, email address, occupation, telephone and facsimile numbers, driver’s license, date of birth, social insurance number, language preference and other information provided by you and people nominated by you. Finance and credit information about you and/or other members of your family if you apply for finance or lease information about what is being insured including health and income information. Details of your vehicle and its service history. Security information, including video surveillance information, as is reasonably necessary to ensure the safety and security of our premises. We do not actively seek to collect sensitive personal information (for example, health information or information about your racial or ethnic origin or any criminal record) unless it is necessary for our business purposes. Generally, we only collect your personal information directly from you, unless it is not reasonable or practical for us to do so. For example, you may authorize us to collect credit information from a third party, your employer or your landlord. We may also collect information about you from publicly available sources such as a registrar of companies or land title office. Sometimes, we act as an agent for others when collecting personal information about you, such as, for our preferred insurance companies. We advise you when we do this.

How may Club OpenRoad use your personal information?

We use your personal information to: provide products or services to you, including servicing of your vehicle and performance of any warranty related repairs, respond to requests for information regarding products or services that enable our various departments to identify and contact you for service reminders, promotional offers, recall notices, etc., fulfill additional purposes that are identified when the personal information is collected, including purposes identified in application forms, web pages, or other documents provided to you. When you visit our website, we collect certain information through log files and cookies. We gather certain navigational information about where you go on this website in order to determine which areas of the website are most frequently visited. The browser cookies may also be utilized in our digital advertising in order to remarket to a certain category of web users. This information helps us to tailor our website content and displayed advertisements to the needs and interests of our online visitors. Your information is retained for a maximum of 540 days, after which it is automatically deleted from our electronic database, and advertising platforms.

How may Club OpenRoad disclose your personal information?

Sometimes, the law requires us to give out information about you, such as a court if we were ordered to do so under a subpoena. Depending on the product or service that we provide to you, we may also disclose your personal information to government agencies in connection with any vehicle purchase, such as for registration purposes. Any organization which you request us to, or anyone acting on your behalf, including your financial advisor, broker, solicitor, or accountant (unless you tell us not to). Original Equipment Manufacturers for warranty and related purposes and to enable them to send you the materials about their products and services. The Original Equipment Manufacturers may disclose your information to their contractors and agents (such as call centre operators, advertising agencies, direct mail houses, etc.). Contractors and other organizations to allow us to offer or provide our services to you and maintain our relationship with you as required or permitted by law, such as to comply with regulatory requirements that govern our business to our professional advisors, as required from time to time in connection with our business to fulfill purposes that are identified when the personal information is collected.

Third-Party Business Partners

External service providers, who process data for Club OpenRoad, are carefully selected by us and are advised in writing to comply with and strictly adhere to our privacy policy in all respects. Club OpenRoad has a zero-tolerance for non-compliance and will not deal with business partners who will not fully comply with the Club OpenRoad Privacy policy. Associates of Club OpenRoad that are directly responsible for undertaking an agreement with third-party businesses to process data for Club OpenRoad will fill out the Business Partner Policy Form. Club OpenRoad associates will send the form to respective business partners for their signature and acknowledgment. The form will be securely retained for future reference and can be used for Club OpenRoad’s due diligence process in the event of non-compliance.


Consent requirements vary depending upon circumstances and upon the type of personal information that is to be collected, used or disclosed. In determining whether your consent is required and, if so, which form of consent is appropriate, we will take into account both the sensitivity of the personal information at issue and the purposes for which we will use the information. Consent may be expressed, implied (including through use of opt-out consent where appropriate), or deemed by law. For example, if you request information about a product and provide us with your contact information, your consent to use the contact information to send you product information is implied. If you wish to revoke your consent to collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer, whose contact information is provided below.

How does Club OpenRoad protect the security of your personal information?

We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. For example, your personal information is stored in secured office premises and in electronic databases requiring logins and passwords for access. Information access is restricted to employees whose job purpose reasonably requires access, and we require all employees to maintain the confidentiality of personal information. We use secure methods to destroy or de-identify any personal information, provided the information is no longer needed by us for any purpose, and provided the destruction is permitted by law.

Changes to our privacy policy

We may amend this privacy policy from time to time. Where appropriate, we will notify you in advance of changes to our privacy policy. Also, this privacy policy may be supplemented or modified by additional terms between Club OpenRoad and you.

Opting out of promotional communications

If you no longer wish to receive promotional information from Club OpenRoad, please contact your dealership directly to opt out of future promotional communications.

Access to your personal information

You may request access to personal information we hold about you. We will process your request within a reasonable time, usually 30 days unless more time is needed due to the nature of the request. There is no fee for requesting access to your personal information; however, we may charge you reasonable fees for processing your request.

Correction of your personal information

We strive to ensure that all your personal information collected, used or disclosed is accurate, complete and up to date as is appropriate in the circumstances. You must promptly notify us in writing if there are any changes to your personal information. If you believe that your personal information, held by Club OpenRoad, is incorrect or out of date, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer, whose contact information is provided below.

Questions or complaints

We will try our best to answer any questions you may have, correct any error(s) on our part or resolve any complaint that you may have about our personal information handling practices. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or our personal information handling practices, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer, whose contact information is provided below.

Chief Privacy Officer
Club OpenRoad
13251 Smallwood Place
Richmond, B.C.
V6V 1W8
Telephone: (604) 273-3233
Facsimile: (604) 232-5323

Last update: 2021-01-26

1 Club OpenRoad is affiliated with OpenRoad Auto Group Limited and the OpenRoad Privacy Policy will apply.

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